Bee Changed and Change the World

by Chad Heise '01

My wife and I started The Little Bee Co. through a series of what can only be described as God-appointed events. When our son was born we struggled to find a diaper that could contain his messes, and we soon discovered modern cloth diapering.

After jumping into the world of cloth diapers, my wife, Jona, realized there were features she would love to see in a diaper that were unavailable. She began creating her own diaper for our son, and our Bee Changed diapers were born.

We decided to use the diapers she had created not only to build a business but to make a difference. James 1:27 says "Religion that God our Father finds as pure and faultless is to care for orphans ..." Our heart for orphans is something that brought us together, so this venture seemed to be perfect for us. For every diaper we sell, we donate one to an orphan in need. Once we collect enough diapers for an entire facility, we organize a "Diaper Drop" to deliver the diapers and educate the workers on proper diapering.

When people hear we are donating diapers they often ask, "If you want to help an orphan, why not just send money?" What many don't realize is that a large number of orphanages, especially those in third world countries, use split pants, rags, or nothing at all. These precious babies find themselves in unhealthy, unsanitary conditions that cause an already bad situation to be far worse. Just imagine what life would be like for 24 hours with a baby wearing no diaper. The diapers given to each baby enable a healthy diapering system and comfort they may otherwise never receive.

My education in the business field has helped tremendously with this journey. My wife has the ideas and dreams and, because of my business studies, I am able to put those ideas and dreams into a plan. It has been a blessing to draw from my Cedarville education to follow the plan God is unveiling before us.

To date we have donated diapers to several disaster areas in the U.S. as well as Serving His Children in Jinja, Uganda. We are now working toward our next “Diaper Drop” to the Starfish Foster Home for special needs babies in Xian, China. We look forward to all that God has planned!

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