Literature Program Introduces New Prerequisite

by Public Relations

Starting next fall, English and Adolescent and Young Adult Language Arts (AYALA) Education majors will be required to take a prerequisite before enrolling in Literary Analysis, a milestone course for Cedarville literature students.

The new course will be offered for the first time this spring and will be taught by Scott Calhoun, Ph.D., associate professor of English. The class, known as “First Year Seminar,” will give English and AYALA students the intense experience of closely reading texts, training students to become insightful literary scholars. The class will serve as a transition from English composition, required for all Cedarville students, to Literary Analysis, one of the more intimidating and most rewarding courses in the language and literature department.

Students will study genres from poetry to fiction to drama with an emphasis on textual analysis and analytic writing. This basic understanding of how to read and write about texts will allow Literary Analysis to focus on contextual readings, applying more theories and digging deeper into various approaches to texts.

In addition to in-depth reading and analysis of literature, the new course will also provide an overview of English studies. The class will outline the avenues open to English majors professionally, and it will teach the habits, manners and attitudes needed to be a successful scholar.

“We want students to develop more curiosity about all that is in a text while also increasing their competence in writing about what they discover,” says Calhoun. “Curiosity and competence should produce more confidence in them as junior scholars.”

The foundation provided by First Year Seminar should put students more at ease when taking Literary Analysis. With the basics of reading and writing about texts established, students will be able to take a more scholarly approach to Literary Analysis and continue throughout the major with a solid background.

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