Cedarville Student Integrates Career and Calling in Music City

by The Contemporary Music Center

Nashville. Ground zero for music makers and music lovers of all stripes. This semester, Cedarville University junior Meredith Carter is in Music City making her own kind of music, and loving it.

Carter is studying at the Contemporary Music Center (CMC), a 4-month, off-campus study program sponsored by BestSemester.com and the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

“The CMC provides real life experience rather than sitting in huge auditoriums with a ton of people listening to a lecture that you won’t remember the next day,” Carter reports.

As an artist, Carter spends her days songwriting, recording and performing. “Homework” includes writing original songs, performing them for live audiences, and then recording them in the CMC’s state-of-the-art studio. “Ever since I was a little girl, music has always been an important part of my life,” Carter states.

As the founder of Stealing Hollywood, LLC, Carter’s heart is focused on the young women of America. Her corporation brings the truth of beauty back to reality, stealing it from the distorted image Hollywood has made it to be. While at the CMC Carter is tying her music back to Stealing Hollywood, as well as taking advantage of networking throughout the Music City. “It’s my hope that my music inspires and provides hope to my listeners.”

The Contemporary Music Center is is one of eleven semester-away study programs created by the CCCU and BestSemester.com.  Cedarville students can also go to China, Russia, Egypt, Latin America, Oxford, England, Washington, D.C., Uganda, Australia and Hollywood to explore the integration of faith and learning in various disciplines.

For more information about the Contemporary Music Center or the CCCU’s other programs, visit  www.thecontemporarymusiccenter.com and www.bestsemester.com.