History Department Homecoming Reunion: A Time of Reflection and Giving Back

by Department of History and Government

The department of history and government hosted its annual departmental reunion at the “Beautiful Things” homecoming celebration this fall. Several alumni returned for our forum and spoke with current students about the fields in which they now work. It was a blessing to hear how God has used them and led them to the vocations they now pursue. For some, the route was clear and straight from the time they left Cedarville. For others, the road to today was very unpredictable. Yet, in all cases, it was clear that God had led. It was a blessing for our current students to hear the stories and see the faithfulness of God in the lives of these alumni. Several provided sage advice to the students on pursuing internships when possible, being open to opportunities that arise, and making the most of the time at Cedarville.

After the forum, the alumni, faculty, and students enjoyed a meal together. While the weather did not quite cooperate — providing drizzly conditions and cold temperatures that evening — the warm conversation and food more than made up for not being able to eat outside in the tent! The department thanks Clara (Gebert) Lutz '10, coordinator for alumni programming and communication, for her organizing the event.