History and Government Reorganized

by Department of History and Government

Academic vice president and chief academic officer Dr. Thomas Cornman inaugurated a reorganization process for Cedarville University over a year ago. He invited input from across campus and tasked a committee to research other institutions and propose an organizational structure that would be best for Cedarville. The structure at that time was not conducive to long-term growth, and there were groupings of programs that were not normally associated in academia. The committee produced a proposal, and the campus had further discussion and input. In the end, Dr. Cornman decided how the reorganization would change Cedarville. He was careful to weigh each concern raised during the process and adopted as many recommendations as possible in the final decision.

For the department of history and government, the reorganization brought two programs back to the department that had been separated out several years earlier. When the department was known as the department of social sciences and history, the criminal justice and sociology programs were in the department. They were removed five years ago, along with social work, to form their own department. Because of the natural affinity between criminal justice and government, as well as the relationship of sociology with other social sciences like history and political science, it made good sense to bring those two programs back into the department. As a result, Patrick Oliver and Rob Vaughn, assistant professors of criminal justice, and Dr. Robert Parr, professor of sociology, came back into the department. When combined with the addition of Dr. Rick Tison, the department faculty grew this year by 50 percent, and the number of programs offered in the department has risen to 10.