G92: An Effective Biblical Response to Immigration

by Public Relations

Cedarville University is pleased to welcome the G92 Immigration Conference to campus, October 20-22, 2011. The goal of the event is to promote a high level of conversation about immigration in a way that honors the example of Jesus Christ and the written Word of God.

The conference will include presentations by keynote speakers from both conservative and progressive Christian perspectives. The conference is seeking a bipartisan solution that adheres to the objectives outlined in “An Evangelical Call for Bipartisan Immigration Reform,” including elements such as respecting “the God-given dignity of every person” and guaranteeing “secure national borders.”

G92 refers to the 92 times the Hebrew word “ger” (translated stranger, alien or sojourner) appears in scripture. Scripture says a lot about God’s love for people who come from another land and about how God’s people are to treat them.

The conference will be held at Cedarville University and online registration is required by October 12. The cost is $95 per adult and $45 per student for the full conference. Day passes are also available.

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