Music Scholarships Increased for 2011

by Marketing

Music scholarships for 2011–12 have increased, and awards of up to $8,000 per year are now available to students majoring in music! You can combine your music scholarship with Cedarville University's other generous academic and need-based awards for renewable awards totaling as much as $18,000 per year.

Determined as part of your audition to Cedarville's excellent music programs, the "Soli Deo Gloria" Music Scholarships celebrate your musical achievements and make your Cedarville experience affordable.

There has never been a better time to study music at Cedarville! Apply by November 1, and we'll waive your $30 application fee. Once you have applied, be sure to schedule your music audition. You must audition by February 26, 2011 to be eligible for a "Soli Deo Gloria" Music Scholarship.