M.Ed. Advances Graduate Careers

by Public Relations

The Cedarville University Master of Education (M.Ed.) program has made a life-long impact on the careers of alums; Shirley Smith, Valerie Huber, Teresea Baumann, Van Holloway and Ethan Hodge.

Cedarville’s M.Ed. curriculum helps teachers and other professionals become more effective in and out of the classroom. Courses provide information that prepares students to embrace leadership roles within their field. The graduate program is offered at affordable tuition both on campus and online.

Smith started taking courses in 2002 while employed by Columbus City Schools as a school nurse. She graduated from the M.Ed. program in 2007.

“I recommend Cedarville’s M.Ed. program to anyone who desires a Christian-based graduate education program that offers quality classes applicable to any educational environment,” she commented.

She found that the courses were engaging and challenging. The M.Ed. program has helped her better prepare for presentations for students and faculty. She aspires to become an educator in nursing one day.

Valerie Huber, the executive director of the National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA), received her undergraduate at Cedarville and graduated from the M.Ed. program in 2010. Although she is not a certified educator, the members of NAEA work with schools across the country. The M.Ed. program gave her a better understanding of the education system and how to incorporate abstinence education in the classroom.

”I found that there was practical application to my career in nearly every course, sometimes in the most surprising ways,” says Huber.

While both a full time mom and teacher, Baumann received her M.Ed. from Cedarville in 2005.

“It was difficult, but it was also rewarding,” she said.

Conveniently located near her home and with the help of the school she was employed at, it was possible for Baumann to further her education. Meeting new people and spending time with old friends were just a couple of the things that she enjoyed about the classroom experience. The Models of Teaching course taught her how to effectively set up a successful curriculum for her middle school classes.

Holloway received his M.Ed. in 2004 from Cedarville University. He has been an adjunct professor at Cedarville for 15 years in the Biology department and has taught science at Xenia Christian High School for 24 years. Holloway was drawn to the M.Ed. program not only because of the easy commute but the educational experience and opportunities. The small classroom sizes and the hands-on interaction with other students really made the experience worthwhile.

Holloway says, “it jump starts your thinking!”

For anyone who is interested in pursuing their master’s in education, Holloway recommends that students wait until they have a few years of teaching under their belt. He believes that the classes are more meaningful and real after you have had some experience in the field. Holloway plans on continuing teaching at Xenia Christian with hopes of taking some seminary classes in the future.

Ethan Hodge graduated from Cedarville with a Bachelor of Arts in history, political science and integrated social studies education in 2002. He started taking graduate courses in the summer of 2003 and graduated from the M.Ed. program in 2005. He is currently teaching world history at Springboro High School. When he is not in the classroom, he is working on his doctoral dissertation at Liberty University.

Hodge says “the Cedarville M.Ed. program helped me as a student and a teacher; deepening my pedagogical knowledge, learning new instructional strategies, and strengthening my research and writing skills.”

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree at Cedarville University is designed to help you increase your classroom effectiveness by preparing you to assume leadership roles in your schools and the teaching profession. For decades Cedarville has been known to produce outstanding educators. Education professionals from the Christian, public, and private sectors eagerly seek Cedarville graduates because of the University's reputation for preparing excellent classroom teachers. Our graduate program builds upon this strength by offering courses and a master's degree program designed to enhance the effectiveness of practicing educators. Cedarville's M.Ed. program is distinctively Christian, courses are conveniently offered online and on-campus, and tuition is very affordable.

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