Following God in a Time of Uncertainty

by Public Relations

What do you do when God turns your life upside down? How can you trust Him in the face of tragic loss? Nadine Hennesey ’87 was faced with these questions when her husband of 11 months died while she was pregnant with their first child.

Hennesey was left a widow; her daughter fatherless. The young couple shared dreams of serving God together on the mission field; dreams of a long life together. Suddenly, those dreams were gone.

Rebecca Baker, associate professor of theatre at Cedarville University, recently completed a book with Hennesey about her life. The story shares the trials Hennesey lived through, and the ways God used them to uniquely prepare her for service.

“It’s funny to think back on now,” Baker said. “I heard Nadine when she was invited by Pastor Eric Mounts to speak at my church, Southgate Baptist. When she was done, I stood up and said out loud, to no one in particular, ‘Someone has got to write this story.’ I didn’t know then that I would be that someone.”

Eventually, Hennesey chose to honor her husband’s dream by accepting a one-year teaching assignment in Peru. From Peru, Hennesey followed God’s leading to Albania, and from there she was called to direct a learning center in Kosovo. In 1999, Kosovo was ravaged by an ethnically driven civil war, leaving many widows and fatherless children. “Nadine’s journey of faith had led her to a place where she could teach while coming alongside women with whom she had a common bond,” Baker said.

“With Nadine, I hope to encourage young Christians to see that God is at work in our lives, even when we can’t understand His plan. He uses broken people who give Him the pieces of their grief or confusion. We especially hope to support single mothers, and to encourage practical and grace-filled sensitivity for women in our churches and communities who are raising children alone. Nadine hopes to be able to share the book with people in Kosovo, as a way of opening doors of conversation.”

“When You Don’t See His Plan” has been released by Discovery House Publishers and is available in bookstores.

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