Department of Psychology Welcomes Di Wu

by Public Relations

Cedarville University welcomes Di Wu, Ph.D., to the faculty of the department of psychology. Wu will be serving as assistant professor of psychology.

Wu earned her bachelor’s degree and Master of Education in psychology from Beijing Normal University in China. She earned her master’s degree in statistics and her doctorate in developmental psychology at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Wu stresses the importance of integrating statistics and psychology. The study of statistics allows psychologists to collect, analyze and interpret data, which is important for any field in which practitioners research trends and patterns.

She explained, “Studying statistics not only helps me to understand others’ research better but also lets me understand my research results deeper.”

Through psychology Wu can appreciate the complexity of human life. She says, “The knowledge of human behaviors and individual differences in modern psychology helps me to respect each person in his or her unique way.” She applies this idea to her teaching, helping students achieve their full potential by using the gifts God has given them.

Wu teaches Human Development: Lifespan, Child-Adolescent Development and Cross-Cultural Psychology.

“For students, knowledge of psychology provides them a foundational background for a broad range of careers in which the understanding of human behavior and social processes is useful,” she said.

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