Department of Science and Mathematics Welcomes Kaleb Pauley

by Public Relations

Cedarville University welcomes Kaleb Pauley, Ph.D., to the faculty of the department of science and mathematics. Pauley will be serving as assistant professor of biology.

Pauley graduated from Marshall University with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biological sciences. She earned her doctorate in immunology and microbiology from the University of Florida.

Pauley was drawn to Cedarville because of its strong science program and Christ-centered focus. She met with the chair of the department in Florida where she was working as a postdoctoral fellow and soon formally interviewed for the position. During the process, she fell in love with the school and the welcoming faculty and students.

She began studying immunology and microbiology during graduate school after her mentor introduced her to the field. She described, “Having suffered from allergies my entire life, I became very interested in learning about our immune system and how it can work for or against us.”

She is currently participating in research for Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease characterized by xerostomia—dry mouth—and xerophthalmia—dry eyes. The symptoms appear as the body’s immune system attacks the exocrine glands that produce tears and saliva. Pauley is examining how certain microRNAs are involved in the development of the disease. In addition, she is developing a new therapeutic strategy for those suffering from Sjögren’s syndrome. The strategy will stimulate secretion, change gene expression and preserve the function of the exocrine glands.

Pauley is using her research outside of the classroom to teach students about immunology. Since the field changes so rapidly, the textbooks are unable to include the latest research on immunology and microbiology.

“I hope to incorporate my knowledge of research and the latest therapeutic strategies for immune-related diseases into my Immunology course, and keep my students aware of the newest discoveries in the field,” shared Pauley.

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