Semester in Spain

by Public Relations

When college students spend a semester abroad, they often live in dorms filled with American students, go to special classes for speakers of Spanish as a second language and experience the culture on field trips. Cedarville students are different. From day one, they live in a home where no English is spoken. They attend the University of Seville alongside Spanish students, and they don’t need to go on field trips to experience Spanish culture because they’re immersed in it.

“My motivation to study abroad was two-fold,” says honors student Rachel Thompson, a junior majoring in technical and professional communication. “One, to learn Spanish, and two, to learn to think in a different way, in a different culture. I have a real interest in understanding why people do what they do, why they think what they think — ultimately, what it is that they value and how that affects their thinking and way of life.”

Students also learn about the culture during their semester abroad. They have opportunities to explore the city of Seville as well as participate in trips to other cities in Spain. They are able to visit cathedrals, the tomb of Christopher Columbus, as well as experience Spanish markets and cafes, all the while experiencing the culture and learning the language.

“Studying abroad has changed the way that I see the world,” adds Melody Lightner, a senior Spanish education major. “I now recognize that there are many places I can go and that there are a variety of options for applying my Spanish knowledge. Before going my semester abroad, I never felt like I had many opportunities for authentic conversations with native Spanish-speakers, but in Spain I had the challenge of applying everyday what I have been studying for years at Cedarville.”

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