The Adventuresaurus Collective

by Marketing

Three college-aged guys, numerous cups of coffee, and big dreams: when you add these together, you get a world of possibilities. For Kelly Nowels ’09, Sammy Starr ’10, and Michael Beight ’10, their prayerful pondering of how God would use them this summer led to a unique adventure to save the life of a two-year-old Iraqi boy named Mohammad. They dubbed their intrepid three-some The Adventuresaurus Collective.

On June 9, the friends began a bicycle trip through Europe to raise $5,000 to help pay for a life-saving heart surgery for Mohammad, who suffers from rheumatic heart disease. Beginning in Dublin, Ireland, and cycling to Rome, Italy, they’ll cover 2,500 miles, camping as they go. “We joined together because we couldn’t stand the thought of living an ordinary life,” Kelly said. “We wanted to squeeze all the energy out of youth.”

They’re partnering with the Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC), a nonprofit organization founded by Cody Fisher ’06. PLC seeks to eradicate the backlog of Arab and Kurdish children waiting in line for heart surgery and to promote peace between communities in conflict. Iraq has one of the highest percentages of heart disease among children, with many dying each week from causes that could easily be addressed by access to the proper medical care.

Cody and The Adventuresaurus Collective — and other Cedarville alumni, like Josh Gigliotti ’09 who is serving as a PLC summer intern — are doing what they can to effect change in war-torn communities. To learn more about PLC and how you can help, visit To read more about The Adventuresaurus Collective and their summer trip, check out their blog at