Fairhaven Church Partners with Bible Profs

by Public Relations

Five members of the Cedarville University Department of Biblical and Ministry Studies took part in the making of the 2011 fall curriculum at Fairhaven Church. The curriculum will be used for their church services and small group sessions. Due to many staff and church members that are affiliated with Cedarville, Fairhaven felt that it was only natural to have Cedarville faculty and staff involved in the creation of this program.

“Turn on the TV, open a book, read a newspaper or magazine, and you can't help hearing cultural voices talking about God, Jesus, the Church, salvation and the end of time. How do we sort out truth and theology? It's their voices versus the voice of the Bible. Who will we listen to?”

“When traditional orthodox beliefs are criticized or questioned, we need to be able to recognize error and respond with truth” says Paul Clark, director of operations at Fairhaven Church and author of the fall curriculum. "The media takes an interest in the degrading of biblical truth. It is up to the church to come back fighting with scripture."

Professors Scott Dixon, Aaron James, Mike Parrot, Ryan Peterson and Carl Smith will be featured in a series of videos explaining the link between theology and culture. Each video will discuss one of the six areas of theology incorporated in the curriculum. Clark believes that the credibility and expertise of the Cedarville faculty members will give the audience a scholarly perspective on theology.

Fairhaven hopes to accomplish three goals through the curriculum: increase spiritual growth in the congregation, create a family friendly dialogue and see greater participation in small groups. The staff at Fairhaven hopes that this curriculum will help the congregation stay grounded in theological truths. Ephesians 4:14-15 will be the primary verse for the series, concentrating on growing in scripture and solidifying moral foundations.

The curriculum will be used at Fairhaven beginning the weekend of October 2 and will continue through Sunday, November 9. Fairhaven holds services at 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at 8, 9:30 and 11:15 a.m.

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