Working on Campus Prepares Students for Future

by Public Relations

Every year nearly 1.4 million college students graduate with the intentions of joining the work force. Companies receive a plethora of resumes and look for applicants who stand out among the stack.

Jeff Reep, director of career services at Cedarville, states that students have to do more than keep a high GPA to “stand out among the stack.” He stresses that students who are not taking hold of the opportunities to work on campus are putting themselves at a disadvantage.

Reep encourages students to look for a job in the department of their major to make sure that they truly enjoy what they are studying. He also said that finding a job that relates to the students’ area of study will give them a feel for the work environment.

Admissions counselor and Cedarville University alum Chloe Heckman ’11 agrees that “working in a job that is in line with your passions while you are still on campus gives you a great opportunity to evaluate your experience to determine if this will be a good fit for you in the future.”

As a technical and professional communication major, Rachel Beachy, a Cedarville senior who works for the career services office is interested in editing and publishing.“Career services has helped me hone my editing skills. This is my first ‘office job’ and I think a lot of the skills I am learning will translate into my future career — interacting and working with people, handling multiple projects, working with co-workers.”

Another perk of working on campus is financial aid. The high price of education can cause people to experience sticker shock. Having a job on campus can help decrease the stress that comes with the price of tuition.

Beachy says, “Every little bit helps. It doesn’t matter how small the amount; it’s a little less that I have to take out in a loan.”

Working on campus also provides practical experience for the future. When Heckman was a student at Cedarville she worked in the admissions office as the event coordination intern and she also toured with HeartSong Ministries. This allowed her to practice speaking in front of others and she also learned the importance of being part of a team.

Since working in the admissions office, Heckman has learned that “you need to be prepared to be on time every morning, and to learn to give 100 percent in everything you do!”

There are a multitude of resources for students to find jobs on campus. The financial aid office posts campus jobs online along with directions about the process of finding a job and the criteria for working on campus. Last year 1,650 students had the privilege of working on campus.

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