by Marketing

Although Columbus, Ohio, unveiled a citywide curbside recycling service starting later this spring, Travis Smith '09 and Jesse Lear '09 are part of a significant population of city residents who will be left out. The marketing graduates saw an opportunity and developed a business plan.

Together they launched VIP Waste Services, a revolutionary recycling and trash amenity exclusively serving those who rent apartment. Their company now serves more than 3,500 Columbus households each week, and they are adding between 500–1,000 more each month.

At the beginning of this new business venture, Travis sees the value of his business education at Cedarville. "The knowledge, experience, and most importantly, sincerity of the faculty and staff were what really opened my eyes to how different Cedarville truly was from other schools," he said. "My professors were constantly challenging me and holding me to a higher standard." 

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