Faculty and Staff of the Year Awards Presented

by Public Relations

Cedarville University recently presented the 2011–12 Faculty and Staff of the Year Awards to Charles Hartman, J.D., associate professor of accounting, and Donald Jones, designer and technical director.

Hartman, recipient of the Faculty of the Year Award for 2011–12, has served as a professor at Cedarville for the past 23 years, and during that time he has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the department of business administration. He primarily teaches courses in business law, income taxation and a variety of accounting courses.

Prior to becoming a faculty member at Cedarville, Hartman was employed by the Kellogg Corporation and the public accounting firm Ernst & Young. Hartman also completed a law degree in 1997 to further his education and enhance his ability to teach business law and upper-level accounting courses.

One of Hartman’s students commented that “he is the most intelligent professor I have had in my educational life,” and another student shared that “he shows genuine interest in seeing his students understand and appreciate the material he teaches.” Hartman’s humble attitude and diligent work ethic highlight Cedarville’s commitment to equipping students for success.

Jones, recipient of the 2011–12 Staff Member of the Year Award, has served as designer and technical director as well as adjunct professor at Cedarville for the past 28 years. His creative genius and dedication has led the theatre department to earn several awards each season for its productions. Over the past seven years, Jones has received 10 Daytony awards, which are prestigious awards given to collegiate theatres in the Greater Dayton area.

Jones has worked in film, opera, classical and educational theatre and is a member of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, the American Crafts Council and the United States Institute for Theatre Technology. He serves primarily as the designer and technical director at Cedarville, and he also teaches courses in stagecraft and design.

He is respected by his students, and one of them shared that “he takes an active role in the lives of the people around him and serves as a wonderful example of a hard worker and an extremely talented individual.” Another student stated that “he is a textbook example of how one glorifies God through art.” His dedication to excellence as well as his remarkable talents has made him a valuable member of Cedarville University and its dedication to academic excellence.

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