Internships Drive Career Success

by Kaitlyn Coughlin, Public Relations Writer

With the fluctuating economy and uncertain job market, college students are continually seeking new ways to enhance career possibilities. Cedarville undergraduates have recognized the value of internships in securing future professional opportunities, and this summer many University students have traveled from Columbus, Ohio, to as far as London, England, to gain experience in various fields in order to adequately prepare for a career upon graduation.


Amy Kellogg, a senior business marketing and organizational communication major, shared that her internship in the marketing department at Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, a Fortune 21 company in Columbus, Ohio, this summer has given her a behind-the-scenes perspective on marketing as she works on a daily basis with key decision-makers in the healthcare industry.


“Working on meaningful projects since my earliest days at Cardinal Health has allowed me to be swiftly thrown into the world of pharmacy, learning more about marketing in this short period of time than in any classroom setting,” Kellogg said.


Companies often hire successful interns for full-time positions after graduation, and Kellogg encourages other students to put the time and effort into obtaining internships in college.


“Internships provide students with invaluable corporate experience and also give companies opportunities to gauge the level of dedication and talent of the intern,” Kellogg said.


Other Cedarville students, such as junior Caleb Nissley, majoring in both finance and politial science, are expanding their career options through working alongside members in the political arena for the summer. Nissley said that his internship in legal services and finance at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation in the office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine was obtained primarily through networking, and he said that the key to a successful internship is identifying a goal and charting a course to reach it.


“Working for the attorney general’s office has been a great chance to see the various ways the legal system works,” Nissley said. “The experience and connections I have made here will be key to my future success.”


Cedarville students are also capitalizing on the value of global internship opportunities to enhance their professional futures. This summer three organizational communication majors — junior Bethshalom Julca, sophomore Mary Kate Browning and junior Deanne Bradshaw — traveled to London to intern with during the 2012 Olympic Games. was one of the few Christian media teams present at the global sporting event, and the company’s mission is to provide extensive multimedia coverage that goes deeper than typical sports coverage.


“As interns, we’ve had the opportunity to interview athletes, fans and ministries around London to capture the true spirit of the games in a way unlike any of the major news corporations,” Bradshaw said.


Gaining an internship while in college has the potential to set a student up for future career success, and this is the message director of career services Jeff Reep shares with students on a regular basis.


“If someone graduates with only a degree and a glossy GPA, they’re putting themselves at a big disadvantage,” Reep said. “They’ll be competing with individuals that have multiple internships and possibly a co-op experience.”


Reep’s mantra is to connect students with thousands of employers throughout the country for internships and post-graduate employment opportunities. He encourages students to diligently seek internships that will contribute to their overall learning experience and prepare them for a future career of success.


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