Mr. Smith Goes to Washington ... Again

by Tom Mach

Each fall since 2009, Cedarville University has sent students to spend the semester in Washington, D.C. The brainchild of Dr. Mark C. Smith and sponsored by the Department of History and Government and the Center for Political Studies, the “D.C. Semester,” as it is called, is a unique opportunity for students to study and work in the nation’s capital. Each year a faculty member from Cedarville spends the semester in D.C. with the students. The faculty member teaches two courses related to the process of policy making and integration of faith and politics. The students also complete an internship in a field related to their career goals. We have had students intern on Capitol Hill, at The Heritage Foundation, with the Family Research Council, at the Department of Homeland Security, and many other sites. These internships provide invaluable experience for students as they consider and prepare for God’s call on their life.

Dr. Smith took the first group of students to D.C. from Cedarville back in 2009. This fall, he, his wife, Denise, and their five children will return to the capital with 15 Cedarville students. The program can take up to 15 in a semester, so this is a full contingent. The upcoming presidential election in November makes this a good semester to go to Washington. It will be an exciting and interesting time to be there! The D.C. Semester is just one more example of the Department of History and Government’s pursuit of change agents to positively impact society for the glory of Jesus Christ.