Theology Central to Bible Minor Revisions

by Andrea Speros, Public Relations Writer

Cedarville University is announcing revisions to the Bible minor, a requirement for all students. This change will impact incoming students as well as current freshmen, sophomore and junior students.

According to Chris Miller, Ph.D., biblical and ministry studies chair and senior professor of biblical studies, the revisions were made to improve how theology is taught and maximize teaching outcomes by improving the sequencing between courses.

Beginning in the fall of 2013, the Bible minor will consist of five tightly sequenced three-hour courses for a total of 15 credit hours. The course sequence will begin with a spiritual formation course, proceed with Old and New Testament literatures and finish with two theology courses.

According to Miller, while revisions result in the loss of one credit hour, the minor gains an incremental and more effective system for teaching theology.  “We want the Bible minor to be a central point for Cedarville University,” Miller said, “and we think this will strengthen its place in Cedarville’s curriculum.”

Miller said the new minor utilizes the “untapped power of sequencing.” Instead of relying on the previously casual arrangement of course scheduling, the new five course sequence will allow Bible professors to begin with the foundational study of how to holistically study and interpret the Bible, otherwise known as “hermeneutics,” and continue by answering thoughtful questions about the Bible and theology.

Miller said the revisions do not represent a compromise but rather an advancement to the Cedarville curriculum.

“We’re simply trying to tailor a Bible minor that fits with our semesters so students can efficiently accomplish it and at the same time, create a better, more effective Bible minor than the one we had before,” Miller said.

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