Students Mentored by Prominent Leaders in Business

by Bethany Brock, Public Relations Writer

In January, six businessmen from Columbus came to Cedarville University to share how God can use Christians for His glory in the field of business.

The Student Council and Events Organization (Student CEOs), a student organization in the School of Business Administration, organized this event.

The featured businessmen covered topics like godly attributes of business, the goodness of creating jobs, sanctifying the workplace and how Christians should identify their work with God’s ongoing creativity and cultivation. 

Dan Sterkenburg, M.B.A., associate professor of international business, said the speakers challenged students to find careers specific to the gifts God has given them. “By using those gifts, we bring glory to Him,” Sterkenburg said.  They also advised students that the secret of loving their careers is to first isolate their gifts.

After the speakers addressed various topics, they held discussion groups with the students, allowing students to ask about their experience in various fields of business including real estate, insurance, advertising and public relations. 

The businessmen led students in a discussion inspired by the book, “Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business” by Wayne Grudem, which students were asked to read before the event.  

Nicole Dykstra, a junior accounting major, was grateful for the mentoring session. “It gave me a renewed vision for my career and a different perspective on what it means to glorify God at work,” she said.

Dykstra was impacted by the illustration that God used the careers of many people in the Bible in powerful ways, even though they weren’t full-time missionaries. 

“It gives me relief, confidence and encouragement to know that I am not missing out on doing something great for God by working a normal 8-5 job at an accounting firm. Maybe God does have more than this in store for my life, and maybe I could still end up serving the Lord in missions,” Dykstra said. “It really helps to know that business concepts are not inherently evil, but good and God-ordained. I am proud of my major and where God has taken me so far.”

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