Center for Political Studies is Getting its Own Space

by Thomas Mach, Chair of Department of History and Government

The Center for Political Studies (CPS) at Cedarville University, directed by Dr. Mark Caleb Smith, will be moving into a new office suite in the building formerly known as the Human Resources and Safety Center.  The back portion of the building is being renovated to house the new offices of the CPS as well as the university’s legal counsel offices.  The university has provided increased funding for the center this year and it is currently expanding its enterprise.  The Center named its first fellow this year and is beginning to hire staff.

The Center for Political Studies was founded in 2005 to provide a biblical response to political and social issues of our day. The CPS recognizes that Christians have no choice but to take a stand in troubled times. We must seek to gain an informed perspective, while evaluating issues through the lens of our faith. Once formed, our convictions will guide us as we navigate through the complicated web of issues, parties, and policies that make up our politics.  The CPS desires to engage our nation’s political culture with the heart and mind of Christ. By educating students and community members alike to effectively articulate a biblical perspective in response to both political chaos and apathy, we can affect change within our homes, communities, and country.

To that end, the CPS engages academic lectures and symposia, provides online resources, conducts and publishes research, and hosts speakers and roundtable discussions on Cedarville’s campus.  Last year the Center hosted Karl Rove and this coming fall plans to host Mike Huckabee.  Dr. Smith is a political expert regularly sought out by the media to comment on current political and social issues.  In addition, he is a regular election night commentator.  Dr. Smith and the CPS provide a number of benefits for our students and we are pleased to see them move into this refurbished office space.