Economics Professor Publishes Online Textbook

by Laura Hinkley, student writer

Jeff Haymond, Ph.D., associate dean of the school of business administration undergraduate programs and associate professor of economics, has just released an online textbook titled “No Free Lunch – Economics for a Fallen World.” This introductory economics text is written from an explicitly Christian worldview and is completely online.

The format of the textbook has many advantages to a print textbook. The textbook is free with online registration and works with all mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Another unique feature with the online format is that Dr. Haymond is able to integrate some of the best online resources (supporting articles and videos), providing the student a richer learning experience. Students will be able to make comments on each section of the book, providing helpful feedback and additional insight for other users. Perhaps the greatest advantage of an online text, however, is the ability to rapidly update it when changes are required.

The textbook is written at an introductory level and is appropriate for high school seniors as well as introductory college economic classes. Every chapter of this text starts with a section of biblical integration, including Scripture and Haymond’s assessment and analysis. Perhaps unique to an introductory text is a chapter on entrepreneurship, centered on the entrepreneurial attributes exemplified by the Proverbs 31 woman.

Currently, this is the required text for the Essentials of Economics course taught at Cedarville and has proved to be quite successful. Haymond hopes that many other Christian universities, high schools and homeschooling families will benefit from this free resource as well.

This education resource illustrates the top-quality education provided by the faculty at Cedarville University. “It sends a signal about the quality of our institution and the fact that we take biblical integration seriously,” said Haymond.

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