New Graduate Programs Available for Incoming Students

by Mark Weinstein, Executive Director of Public Relations

There are many new reasons to be excited about earning a graduate degree from Cedarville University. Not only will students receive a quality education, but some students can be eligible for a free class in the MBA program; a discount in the first Master of Education class; or reduced fees in the Online Bible program. All of these initiatives will make the programs more affordable.

Cedarville began offering the MBA in 2013 and was recently ranked as one of the top programs in southwest Ohio by the Dayton Business Journal. The MBA program is aggressively recruiting students with a free class for those applying before May 2014.  This new initiative helps students take the initial step in their career progress. The Cedarville MBA differs from other universities because the curriculum combines traditional business knowledge and methods with solid biblical principles.

            Dan Sterkenburg, associate professor of business, expects the initiative of a free class will draw more students into the MBA program. “The incentive will help begin the process of equipping business leaders for higher leadership positions in their companies.” Sterkenburg says the program can be a catalyst to someone desiring a career change. 

            Graduate students like Ben Worrell are especially excited about the MBA program. “I wanted to be able to integrate my Christian faith with my education,” says Worrell.  “Cedarville's [MBA] program not only allowed this, it is founded upon this mission.”

            To meet the free class requirements of the MBA programs, students must enroll, at the latest, by the summer of 2014, which begins on May 27th. The free class must be a program course, not a prerequisite. The Master of Education program requires students to apply by March 2014 to receive the discount. In its successful second year, the online Comprehensive Bible Program offers its fee waiver for each new graduate student’s first year. 

The Master of Education program, like the MBA, is offering a $100 discount off its program to first time students starting in the spring or summer of 2012. This applies to program courses, lowering the $378 per credit hour rate for the program even further. The School of Education desires to assist incoming students without letting them become burdened by financial need.

Also, the School of Biblical and Theological Studies is waiving all technology fees for its online bible program for the first year.

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