New Ministry Equips Cadets for Military Service

by Emily Finlay, Public Relations Writer

A new on-campus ministry seeks to help ROTC cadets prepare for life as Christians in the military.

The new ministry, Valor, is a part of the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry and is designed to encourage the spiritual growth of future military leaders during their college education and training. The ministry seeks to prepare cadets for the issues they will face as Christians in the military and equips them with the resources and knowledge to share their faith with the military members around them. 

Cedarville University’s ROTC is in a combined battalion with the ROTC at Central State University. Cedarville ROTC member Megan Willeford, from Yellow Springs, Ohio, hopes the ministry will also positively affect the relationships between the groups of students.

Willeford, a senior, started the ministry because she wanted to be more intentional about investing in ROTC and the students she worked with.

“God made me aware that I only have one more year,” she said. “And that I’m one of the few with a basis in ROTC to challenge cadets to live for the Lord.”

Currently, Willeford said, the ministry is more of a Bible study, with an average of five students meeting for an hour every week. During these meetings, the cadets discuss the issues they will face when in the military, challenging each other to think critically about the consequences of being a Christian in a secular environment. Willeford said she also wants to bring military veterans to the meetings to share real life experiences and give advice to the students.

Willeford said she hopes to expand Valor’s involvement by participating in ministry work and continuing to engage with Central State students. And, after she graduates, she hopes that incoming classes will continue the ministry and that it will continue to grow in size and outreach.

“The long-term goal is to have more opportunities to share Christ,” she said. “And to encourage cadets to live for the Lord and think critically about being a Christian officer. I want it to enable people to be more bold for Christ in ROTC all around.”

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