Sisters Find Perfect Fit in Pharmacy

by Nathan Pilling, Public Relations Writer

When walking the halls of the Health Sciences Center this year, you might notice two faces that look very similar. And if you set those two side by side you might wonder if you were seeing double.

Those faces belong to Megan and Melissa McNicol. They’re sisters and they’re both students in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Cedarville University.

The work necessary to achieve a Pharm.D. from Cedarville University requires a lot of effort, and while the two are a year apart in school, they still find time to work together toward that goal, whether it be through studying together or working in the same professional organizations.

“So far, the overall experience in the pharmacy program has been a good one,” Melissa said. “We’re both enjoying our time in the program, but it is safe to say that we both spend countless hours a week studying and preparing for classes. People weren’t joking when they said pharmacy was going to be a lot of work, but we’re trusting that it will all be worth it in the end.”

In their time in the school of pharmacy, both have been thankful for the pharmacy faculty and their willingness to help students even outside the classroom.

“You can tell they genuinely care about students and want us to succeed,” said Melissa. She recalls a group discussion where the professor leading the group could tell all the group members had just been through a difficult week. “He took us out and bought us all coffee,” she said.

“Professors will often have students over to their houses for meals and will go out of their way to impact our lives outside of the classroom,” said Megan. “It is unique to have faculty that care about you so much and are willing to do whatever is necessary to see you succeed.”

While the two are close in many regards, they each have separate hopes and desires for their time after pharmacy school. Currently Megan works in a hospital pharmacy and Melissa in a retail pharmacy setting. While the two aren’t set about those positions as their final decisions for their careers, they are comforted by the fact that the school of pharmacy offers students nine month-long rotations through various areas in the profession. According to Melissa, these should help them get a better feel for where they want to work when they graduate with their Pharm.D.s in the next few years.

While the program stretches students with its rigorous approach to learning the techniques and knowledge necessary for a career in this field, the sisters realize that the countless hours they spend preparing for their classes are spent in pursuit of a valuable goal.

“We both really appreciate the emphasis that Cedarville’s program puts on not just preparing us to be good pharmacists,” said Megan, “but also on how we can use our profession to impact people for the Kingdom of God.”

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