College Student Leads Professor's Rehab

by Kathryn Sill, Public Relations Writer

Real-world professional experience is something college students typically gain after graduation. One Cedarville University student, Annisa Albury, has had the opportunity to gain this experience while helping a beloved faculty member after his near-fatal bike accident.
George Huff, professor of social work at Cedarville University, was severely injured on July 21 when a truck hit him while he was biking along Old Route 35. The injuries were serious to the point that Huff admitted in a recent chapel program that he didn’t think he would survive while resting in the weeds along the road.

Huff suffered a broken wrist, a gouge on the back of his left arm, broken ribs, a broken bone in his leg, and swelling to his left foot. He also lost his spleen and suffered a bruised colon.

Three months after the accident, Huff began the rehabilitation process to regain coordination, strength and stamina he once experienced. At his side helping him was Albury, a senior exercise science major. The student from Nassau, Bahamas, met Huff every day, including some weekends for one hour of cardio and strength training.

 The result of Albury’s work and Huff’s commitment to a full recovery has been astounding. Still, there is more work to be done before Huff can walk away without the physical and emotional scars from the accident.

“He was struggling a lot when we first started (the rehabilitation process) with the idea of not being able to do what he used to,” said Albury. “I cannot plan an exercise program for where I want him to be or where I think he should be. I have to progress as he progresses, so that is how we move from week to week.”

Both Huff and Albury said the rehabilitation sessions were the highlight of their days. For Huff, exercise allowed him to slowly get back to doing what he loves doing—biking and water skiing—and Albury has learned how to interact with a future client.  

“We both met at a time when we needed each other,” Albury said. “I had lost my grandmother this summer and he had been in the accident, so we both needed the encouragement. He has challenged me in my faith and he has become a great friend and role model.”

Huff will continue to meet with Albury during the spring semester for rehabilitation. He didn’t teach in the fall semester but will return to the classroom in January for the spring term. “I don’t know what my future is,” said Huff. “I want to get back to the things I love doing but to what extent, I don’t know. Only the Lord knows. I believe God allowed me to be hit by the truck for my good and His glory.”

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