Graduate Dannah Gresh to Speak in Chapel

by Jennifer Taggart, Public Relations Writer

Dannah Gresh, a best-selling author on books addressing relationships and sexuality from a biblical perspective, will speak in chapel on Tuesday, April 7. Gresh is a graduate of Cedarville University.

Gresh is a best known for her book “And the Bride Wore White.” Gresh and her husband, Bob, are the founders of Pure Freedom and Secret Keeper Girl, ministries that focus on teaching young girls, teenagers and young women the importance of faith-based modesty, abstinence and purity. Gresh travels across the nation with her ministry teams to speak to girls and their mothers about these topics. 

A frequent guest for national radio, TV and print mediums, Dannah is called upon to defend the conservative position of abstinence in national newspapers and magazines like the Chicago Tribune, TIME and Women’s Wear Daily. She has also appeared on, Family Life Today, and Focus on the Family. 

“I hope to have an intellectually curious conversation with the student body about modesty and how the Body of Christ is currently approaching it versus how we should approach it,” Gresh said.  “I see two unhealthy extremes popping up. These are really lies or myths about modesty.”

Gresh said the first myth is “modesty is a form of misogyny that promotes rape culture,” and the second myth is “modesty requires a woman to wear jean skirts to her ankles with sneakers and tube socks.”

“With these myths as our intellectual jumping off point in chapel, I'm going to help both men and women embrace a personal biblical teaching on modesty with my  key thought being that  the greatest sin of immodesty is that we're saying ‘look at me’ instead of ‘look at God,’” Gresh said. 

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