Med School Acceptance Rates Top National Average

by Ryan Bower, Assistant Director of Public Relations

The medical profession is a desired occupation for many college students. Although many medical schools can be highly selective in who they admit, the national average remains around 50 percent.

The percentage, however, is significantly higher for recent Cedarville University premed students, according to data from the department of science and mathematics, which shows 78 percent of premed students gained admittance into medical school (69 percent on their first attempt).

So, why do Cedarville's graduates gain an advantage from students from other universities?

According to Melissa Burns, M.D., assistant professor of biology, the high admittance rate into medical school comes down to Cedarville University's "hands-on" approach.

“We try to do a really good job of preparing students for that first year of medical school,” said Burns. “Cedarville has high academic standards, but it also has great students who work hard.”

Burns said that while most medical students don’t work with a cadaver until their first year of medical school, many students at Cedarville gain this experience during their senior year. 

Cedarville’s premed graduates are enrolling in some of the nation’s top medical schools, including the University of Iowa, University of Michigan, University of Texas and Washington University in St. Louis, all of which rank among the nation’s top 25 primary care or research institutions according to U.S. News and World Report

Like the high acceptance rate for premed students, the university's allied health program has experienced five consecutive years where all of its graduates pursuing grad school were admitted.  

“Our allied health program’s success is largely due to our rigorous academics and our one-on-one advising with our students,” said Dee Morris, P.E.D., professor of allied health and coordinator of the allied health program. “We keep in very close contact with our students and provide them with a unique environment of mentoring and career advisement.”

The allied health program prepares students for admittance to graduate level programs in fields like physical therapy, physician assistant and occupational therapy. Recent allied health graduates have enrolled at the University of Dayton, University of Iowa, and The Ohio State University.

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