New Chemistry Building Creates Net Gain

by Amy Radwanski, Public Relations Writer

The $5 million expansion project at Cedarville University of its new chemistry building is on schedule to open, and for professors to move in, on May 1. The new facility sits along Bridge Street in Cedarville, along the southwest corner of campus. The university successfully raised all of the funds for the project.

According to Dennis Flentge, chair of the department of science and mathematics and senior professor of chemistry, his department plans to begin moving equipment into the building on May 1. It is expected to be fully operational by June 2015.

With Cedarville’s increase in students majoring in biology and chemistry, having a building devoted to these disciplines strengthens the academic integrity of the program. The new building will create a net increase of six laboratories: two for biology, two for chemistry, one lab for general chemistry, and a research lab with improved hood capabilities for better air quality overall.
“Through this project, we have been able to affect every part of the department including all sciences, engineering and mathematics,” Flentge said, “It is good for morale and good for the students.”

Flentge noted that these updates and expansion allows Cedarville students to learn in the very best environment in higher education. The enhancement in quality of education will help students better prepare for medical school and graduate school.

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