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Cedarville University Academic Enrichment


Foundations is designed to orient students to the Cedarville University learning community, explore academic and life goals, and develop strengths to enhance academic success.

Cedarville University - Managing Academic Probation

MAP - Managing Academic Probation

Desiring to support students who struggle academically, the academic assistance center and the academic deans require students on academic probation to be enrolled in the academic probation program called MAP.  This is a unique avenue in which to cultivate scholarship and discipline from a holistic approach. The program is designed to help students in the context of relationship and accountability, to enable students to learn within the dynamics of their lives, to bring concrete strategies to the learning process, and to develop skills that will translate into other realms of living.

Intermediate Algebra

Intermediate Algebra is a pre-college level math proficiency course. This will help ready the student for more difficult, college level math courses in the future.