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Students with disabilities may require accommodations to allow them equal access to and to benefit from courses, programs, services, activities, and facilities. Accommodations and services are facilitated through the compliance coordinator of disability services. Students must self-identify to disability services and provide documentation that verifies disability and establishes the need for the requested accommodations.

Once eligibility is established, a plan for accommodation is developed through an interactive process involving the disability compliance coordinator and the student. When appropriate, faculty and other University staff may be consulted. Accommodations vary widely but are always designed to respond to the unique needs of the student. These accommodations are based on the student's self-report, the current impact of the disability, and the completeness of the documentation.

Once reasonable and appropriate accommodations are determined, a Student Accommodation Notification is provided for the student's faculty verifying eligibility for accommodations and specifying the nature of the accommodations. This notification is only provided at the specific request of the student. Disability-specific details are not revealed except as authorized by the student.

Students are expected to meet with their faculty to discuss the implementation of approved accommodations in the classroom.

Students must request accommodations and meet with the disability compliance coordinator each semester to discuss accommodations needed for courses that semester. 

Accommodations that require additional time to arrange will require the student to schedule an earlier meeting with the coordinator. The optimum time would be as soon as students have completed their schedules and registered for the next term.

See Current Student Registered with Disabilty Services for specific details regarding registering and requesting accommodations through disability services.