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  • Students with health-related dietary needs, food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances can be accommodated by Pioneer Foodservice, Cedarville University’s foodservice provider.

    Gluten-free: There is a gluten-free zone in the dining hall where gluten-free menu items are readily available for students with gluten sensitivity. The gluten-free area is not recommended for students with celiac disease. In this case, an application requesting special meals should be completed.

    Dairy-free: In addition to regular milk, almond milk and soy milk are also available to all students.

    Special Meals:If a student requires a restricted diet because of a medical diagnosis, a Special Meal Request should be completed. The request must have accompanying documentation on letterhead from the student's diagnosing physician that clearly states the student's diagnosis and necessary dietary restrictions. Special meal request forms may be obtained from the Dining Hall or from Disability Services and should be submitted directly to Pioneer Foodservice.

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    Contact Information

    Marcy Van Meter, Disabilities Compliance Coordinator
    (937) 766-7457

    Monte Veatch, Director of Pioneer Foodservice
    (937) 766-7890