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The Cove offers several options for students who need academic support. You can customize your learning experience to fit your needs.

Academic Peer Coaches (APCs)
Take advantage of the weekly sessions provided by Academic Peer Coaches (APCs). APCs are students who lead weekly review and drop-in sessions for a course, working closely with the professor.

Tutoring Labs
Attend our drop-in tutoring labs for most of the math courses offered on campus. See the current Tutoring Schedule for hours listed.

Small Study Groups
Apply for a tutor in a small study group session for any course on campus. In addition, we encourage students to attend any review or drop-in sessions offered for the course(s). Request a tutor.

Faculty Academic Coaching
Sign up to meet with an academic coach. Make use of the up to 20 hours a week that The Cove makes available for academic support for topics such as time management, test taking, test preparation, note taking, study strategies, motivation, and test anxiety. Stop by The Cove to sign up.

If you have any questions, please contact The Cove Tutoring Coordinator.