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Can I get assistance with my event/program?

Absolutely, we are here to serve you.  One of our professional team members can assist you with all elements of your event/program. Please contact us and let us explore how we can assist you. (6 weeks required before the event/program)

Can I reserve space on campus and how can I do this?

You can reserve space on campus for Cedarville University events/programs. Please use the Reserve Space link.

What services are available for my event/program and how to I secure them?

Cedarville University is blessed with incredible resources and a servant hearted team who can provide specific services for your event/program. Below you will find a list of services along with the lead time required.

Can I discuss my event/program with someone if I have questions or concerns?

Absulutely! We are here to serve you. Please contact us by phone (937) 766-4444 or e-mail at events@cedarville.edu

Can I reserve a University Fleet Vehicle and how do I to this?

Yes you can reserve University Fleet Vehicle for University approved activities. All drivers must be approved by the Campus Security Office. The University also has an agreement with National Car Rental & Enterprise Car Rental for faculty and staff use.