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Beachball Volleyball Tournament - Game Schedule

  Divisions 1 & 2 3 & 4 5 & 6 7 & 8 9 & 10 11 & 12 13 
Time   FH 1 FH 2 FH 3 FH 4 Gym 1 Gym 2 Gym 3
3:30p Odd / Even Intro            
3:50p OA-OC 1v3 9v11 17v19 25v27 33v35 41v43 49v51
4:00p OB-OD 2v4 10v12 18v20 26v28 34v36 42v44 50v52
4:10p EA-EC 5v7 13v15v 21v23 29v31 37v39 45v47
4:20p EB-ED 6v8 14v16 22v24 30v32 38v40 46v48
4:30p OA-OD 1v4 9v12 17v20 25v28 33v36 41v44 49v52
4:40p OB-OC 2v3 10v11 18v19 26v27 34v35 42v43 50v51
4:50p EA-ED 5v8 13v16 21v24 29v32 37v40 45v48
5:00p EB-ED 6v7 14v15 22v23 30v31 38v39 46v47
5:10p OA-OB 1v2 9v10 17v18 25v26 33v34 41v42 49v50
5:20p OC-OD 3v4 11v12 19v20 27v28 35v36 43v44 51v52
5:30p EA-EB 5v6 13v14 21v22 29v30 37v38 45v46
5:40p EC-ED 7v8 15v16 23v24 31v32 39v40 47v48

Playing Locations

FH= Fieldhouse: FH 1 is the court on the south end of the fieldhouse closest to the bleachers.

Gym: Gym 1 is the court closest to the nested bleachers on the west end, Gym 2 is the other court on the main floor and Gym 3 is the court on the east end of the gym.