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"Laking"/Cedar Lake Use

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“Laking” and Statement on the Use of the Campus (Cedar) Lake

General University Policy:

Due to concern for personal safety, nobody is permitted to be in or on (i.e. on the ice during winter) Cedar Lake at any time, unless express written permission has been granted by CU Campus Safety. This prohibition includes no swimming, wading, unapproved boating, walking on the ice, ice skating or any other form of being in/on Cedar Lake. Throwing or pushing any individual(s) into the lake for any purpose is prohibited.

Any consideration for use of the lake for an activity must be approved in advance by Campus Safety.

Student Life Policy:

Students participating in violations of this policy will be fined $25 per person.

Approved by: Student Life and Campus Safety
Original Date: 1991
Latest Update: Spring 2018