Recruiters from nearby companies talk with students during Cedarville's annual career fair

Career Coaching

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Our full-time staff of Professional Career Coaches and Resume Writers are available to meet with you on an individual basis. Please email us or stop by to schedule an appointment! If you are a distance from the University, please call us at 1-937-766-7868 to arrange a phone or video conference session.

The following services are available to current students, graduate students, and alumni.

  • Internship and job search strategies
  • Access to Jobs4Jackets — Cedarville University's job portal
  • Career assessments
  • Resume, Curriculum Vitae (CV), and Cover Letter reviews
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Social media consultations
  • Networking with Employers and Alumni
  • Private interview room with Skype technology available
  • Professional workshop series