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Employers from across the globe seek out Cedarville University students for their excellent academic preparation, high-level integrity, and incredible work ethic.

Post Jobs/View Profiles

Powered by Handshake, Jobs4Jackets helps connect you to students who would be a good fit for your organization. Sign up to post current job openings your company may have.

Career Fair

Career Fairs

Join hundreds of other organizations who come to campus each year for our career fairs. You’ll connect with our incredible students and learn how they can benefit your company.

Cedarville's Dixon Ministry Center

Schedule a Visit

Schedule a day/time to reserve a table in the SSC outside our dining hall from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Also, Schedule an informational session/pizza party the evening of your visit! We'll take care of supplies the day-of and invoice you after.

CU Partners

CU Partners

CU Partners is a unique program that offers the employees of partner organizations preferred pricing benefits on select Cedarville University graduate programs.

Who is Hiring Our Students

Who is Hiring Our Students

When you hire Cedarville University students, you’re in good company. See a list of some of the organizations who have hired our students in recent years.