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To enroll in the Engineering Co-op Program, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the co-op application form and submit it to the Engineering Department academic co-op advisor for approval and discussion of scheduling.
  2. You are now ready to visit the Career Services Co-Op coordinator and:
    1. Create a resume and cover letter.
    2. Develop strategic networking plan.
    3. Send out resumes.
    4. Follow-up with resume contacts.
  3. Interview, accept or decline co-op employment offers.
  4. Once your co-op experience is defined and accepted by a partnering organization, give your employer the application form and the student performance evaluation. Both are to be completed by the employer during your co-op assignment.
  5. Prior to starting your co-op, complete the Assignment Record to outline your goals and objectives during your training term.
  6. Once your co-op is completed, evaluate the employer and report on your experience.
  7. Return any/all co-op documents to the Career Service Co-Op coordinator for certification and documentation of program completion.