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Selecting a graduate program that will best train you in your field, while addressing financial and geographical limitations, can be a difficult process. Program structure, cost, location, and length are all factors to consider. One of the most frequently asked questions is, "When should I begin the graduate school process?"

Check out these resources:

Next, use these helpful resources to begin your search:

  • Accredited Schools Online
  • ETS Net - A feature of the Educational Testing Service, provides thorough information on standardized tests such as the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, and PRAXIS. This site also provides general information on graduate programs and financial aid.
  • GoGrad - Affordable Online Graduate Programs
  • GoGrad Guidebook
  • - An extensive list of graduate programs in areas such as Communication, Philosophy, etc.
  • Peterson's - Allows you to search a database of graduate schools and programs by academic area, geographic path, or alphabetical order.
  • Seminary Advisor - Learn more about seminary and all that it entails, from applying and paying for school to school listings and courses.
  • USNews Online: .EDU-Beyond College - Looking for a graduate school? Concerned about rankings? Let USNews help you.
  • DiscoverBusiness