Reciprocity Statement

The following CCCU colleges & universities have consented to reciprocity of services rendered by career services of that institution:

Reciprocity of Services

The colleges and universities listed have granted reciprocal use of career services to degree candidates and graduates of the participating CCCU colleges and universities.

Reciprocal services available may include:

  • Access to regional internship and job resources
  • Access to the career resource center
  • Access to regional internship and job fairs
  • Public domain web site materials

Reciprocal services may not include:

  • Access to college/university internship and job database
  • Career counseling appointments
  • Resume referral program
  • On-campus recruiting program
  • Alumni contacts

Each institution reserves the right to offer whatever level of service they deem appropriate which may limit or go beyond the services mentioned above.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Jeff Reep, Director of Career Services, Cedarville University.