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Connecting great talent with opportunity
Connecting great talent with opportunity
Connecting great talent with opportunity

Career Services helps students in a variety of areas from start to finish. Please follow the links below to navigate through the job preparation process.

Jobs 4 Jackets

Jobs 4 Jackets is designed to meet your internship and job search needs as a student! You may post a resume for employers to view, as well as access job postings that are entered daily by employers both around the world.

Upload resume and view job postings!

Jobs 4 Jackets is an online career services management system provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, DirectEmployers, and Symplicity Corporation.

Find a Worship Leader Position

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Using Froot Group, you can connect quickly and easily with churches who are looking for their next hire. For more information, visit

Big Interview

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Big Interview is the single most powerful tool to prepare you for your interview. In this competitive market, using it may make the difference between getting a job offer and going home empty handed.

You can use Big Interview to learn and practice your interview skills, whether you’re interviewing for a job or graduate school.

I thought it was an amazing tool that I will definitely use in the future. I learned that even after a semester of not doing any interviews because I have an internship really makes you rusty. It was cool how there are so many different options for types of interviews and difficulties you can practice with. Thank you for making this part of the class as I had no idea about this.

Business Student

There are two key things I learned from conducting a virtual online interview. First, preparation is key. When I was not prepared for a question it was hard to adequately convey my response. I did not have any specific details off the top of my head to answer it and sound intelligent. Preparation gives me analogies, stories, and specific attributes about myself that I want the company to know about. Preparation helps me maintain steady eye contact as well. Secondly, practicing this online interview helped me reduce stutters or "umms". Instead of thinking of what to say, I knew what I wanted to say when they asked a question I was expecting. It also helped me reduce the amount of time it took me to answer the question fully. It is important to be precise and eliminate redundant talk. Practicing helped me convey the point in an appropriate time frame.

Business Student

First of all, just learning about the fact that we have access to an amazing tool like Big Interview was fantastic. I had to do an online interview for [company omitted] last semester, and it was extremely awkward. This resource was and will be so helpful in practicing for interviews, both in person and online. It helped by giving the typical interview questions, but also providing sample questions from different fields. I learned that the arsenal of questions that interviewers have is quite large and different from person to person, so having general strategies and grouping similar questions together will be important.

Business Student

The interview I chose to take part in was the general interview with the ten basic questions that are asked in most interviews. I feel like filling out the interview worksheet beforehand really helped me out a lot as I went through this process because a lot of the questions that were asked also appeared on that interview worksheet. [Contact for worksheet.] Therefore, I feel like I was fairly well prepared to answer the questions that were being asked. I also found it very helpful to play back the recording of myself answering the questions, as I could see moments where I fumbled with my words and moments where I really excelled. With the moments where I did not do very well, I went back and retried the interview answer until I became very good at answering the question in a clear, concise way. I had a very positive experience with this online interview and I plan on using it more and more as I prepare myself for a real job interview once I graduate from Cedarville.

Business Student

Career Preparation Resources

Business Cards
Choose a major/research a career
Build a resume
Write a cover letter
Learn the art of networking
Attend a Career Fair
Prepare for an interview
View job banks
Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs and Internships
Salary Negotiation
Job Salaries - Click on the Salaries tab - Click on the Toolkit link and then find the Wages section

Engineering Co-op Program

Learn more about Cedarville co-op programs

Graduate School

If you're considering graduate school, then you probably have a lot of questions! These resources will provide answers and simplify the process.

Cedarville University Graduate Programs
Find out more about graduate school

Extra Resources

We have employment resources for students with disabilities and minority students.

Jobs in Ohio
Inside the TOEFL
CPA Requirements by State
Tips for Starting a Career after Age 50 - This resource offers Live mentoring for students, Expert career interviews (experts talk about their careers), Career track information, Local job listings, Individual State licensing guidelines, Scholarships available (including our own ‘Become The Educator’ scholarship program), and soon they will be launching a free practice Praxis exam portal!