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Student Finance FAQ

The University continually seeks input on how we can make the Cedarville Experience better for our students and their families. We’ve received multiple suggestions about improving the billing experience and simplifying how to make payments, so we did. This system upgrade is in response to these suggestions and is intended to improve customer service.
The new system is built with security in mind and follows best practices. In fact, the payment provider the University chose processes tax payments for the IRS and the Ohio Department of Taxation.
Official Payments provides credit/debit card processing services for the University. The University selected them for their best in class service.
No, the fees to make payments stay the same. It is still free to do an eCheck and still a 2.5% convenience fee to make a credit/debit card transaction.
You will be billed and make payments by term. In the past, your student account was a rolling balance of charges and payments. Because of the change to terms, you might notice additional transactions used to apply your payments to the correct term (fall, spring, summer).
Yes, you will still be able to prepay, but you will need to contact the Cashiers Office to make payments.
Yes, you will still be able to earn interest on credit balances over $500 on the first day of the month. The PIC plan will not change.
Your reservation deposit can be found in Student Finance under the term “Other.”
Financial aid is shown on Student Finance if it is pending, accepted, or dispersed. Estimated aid will not appear on the account until further action is taken. Please review your aid using MyFinancialAid if you don’t see expected aid.
You can make a payment anytime, day or night, every day of the year. You will still have a due date for making your first payment, which is usually August 4 and January 5.
Every eligible student billing is set automatically to the four-pay payment plan for the student’s convenience. You may pay in full by the first due date or follow the payment plan schedule. This is entirely up to you. If you need help structuring your payment schedule, please contact the Cashiers Office at 937-766-7824, during posted office hours.
Your payment plan and balances might be different because an additional charge was added to your account or a change in your bill occurred, such as a change in meal plan or adding a class.  Your payment plan will update in a day or two.  If your payment plan and balances are still different after a few days, please contact the Cashiers Office.
Updated: 2016-07.14