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FAQ: Your Student Account and Payment Options

You can review all undergraduate costs or charges at the Cost Information page. Students may choose from a variety of meal plans that may change the total amount charged. Graduate student costs will vary by program, so consult your program site. College Now students, please visit College Now to learn more about rates and fees.

Every eligible undergraduate student's charges are set automatically into the University's standard four-payment plan each semester, which allows students and their families to make payments over 90 days in four payments. Students may follow the plan or pay in full at the initial deadline. Any unpaid amounts after the initial deadline will be charged interest. Students may also prepay by adding funds to their student account before they are billed for charges. Prepayments may earn interest. Visit the Payment Incentive Credit (PIC) Plan site for more information. Use our online payment calculator to develop a financial plan.

You may adapt the standard four-payment plan option per semester by making prepayments.  Any prepayments that result in at least a $500 student account credit balance, as part of the University's Prepayment Incentive Credit (PIC) Plan, will receive interest at the end of that month. Unfortunately, due to Truth in Lending Act requirements, the University does not offer a payment plan greater than 90 days or more than four payments.

The PIC Plan (Prepayment Incentive Credit Plan) benefits students or parents who make prepayments before the full semester's bill is due. The PIC Plan pays an interest rate slightly higher than a savings account.

There must be at least a $500 credit balance on a student account on the first day of the month to earn interest in any given month. Interest is computed based on daily balances and paid once per month. The interest rate paid on student accounts will be reviewed quarterly, and any changes to the interest rate or program will be effective on the following dates: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Interest rate information will be available on the PIC Plan page.

The interactive payment calculator allows you to enter your estimated financial aid package to automatically calculate your estimated monthly payment for the pay-in-full and four-payment plans. For specific questions , please contact the cashiers office.

No enrollment fees will be charged for the Cedarville payment plan. A monthly interest rate of 1.083%, or 13% per annum, will be charged on outstanding balances past the first due date.

The payment you missed will be added to the amount for the next payment deadline, along with finance charges and a $25 late fee.  Excessive balances will prevent students from enrolling in future terms.

Late fees of $25 per late payment will apply if the payment is past the due date.

Interest is charge at 13% per annum on any unpaid balance past the first due date during fall and spring semesters.

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit/debit cards with a 2.5% convenience fee (minimum fee of $1). Payments can be made online using Student Finance, in person at the Cashiers Office, or by phone by calling 937-766-7824.

Yes, the University provides the Student Finance portal for students to view their outstanding charges, verify dispersed or anticipated financial aid, and to make payments.  You may make payments either by eCheck or debit/credit card.  Debit/credit card users will be charged a 2.5% convenience fee, with a minimum fee of $1.

The Return Item Fee or Non Sufficient Fee (NSF Fee) is a $20 charge for any paper check or eCheck that is returned due to nonsufficient funds or other issues with your banking information.

A student may withdraw funds from a student account if the account has a credit balance for the term. No more than two cash withdrawals may be made in a week and the total may not be more than $100. Requests for amounts greater than $100 are typically provide by electronic transfer within three or four business days. Requests can be made using the online payment request form.

Yes, visit Self Service and login with your student credentials. Students accounts can be viewed in Student Finance.  Parents that were provided permission by their students can also use Self Service to view and make payment on the account.

Paper statements are available for $3 per month.  Use AR Billing Preferences to request paper statements.  Alternatively, you may print your own paper statement by using the View My Statement function in Student Finance.

This $35 fee per semester credit hour applies to undergraduate classes delivered online to help defray the cost of delivering classes online. For example, a three credit hour online class will result in a $105 technology fee per semester.

Students will receive an email notice approximately 20-30 days before the due date with the charges for the term. For fall semester, this is usually the first week of July. For spring semester, this is usually the first week of December.

First review MyFinancialAid.  Some of your aid may not be on your account because you have not completed all the necessary steps for the financial aid to be applied to your account. If you still have a question about a charge after verifying financial aid, please contact the Cashiers Office.

A business office hold is placed on accounts if there is an outstanding balance and no payment arrangements have been made or if the Financial Responsibility Statement is not completed for the term.  Please contact the Cashiers Office to make your payment arrangements or visit the Financial Responsibility page.

Cedarville's financial aid website is the best source for information about scholarships, loans, and institutional, federal, and state grants. Visit the website or call 1-877-233-2784 for helpful information and resources. In addition, you may qualify for local or regional scholarships available through your town, church, county, state, or organizations. When it comes to pursuing financial aid, be aggressive! Check out every option, particularly associations and organizations that know you or may be interested in you because of your background, qualifications, or anticipated career. Many Cedarville students receive privately funded scholarships each year. Visit our scholarship search page for other financial aid resources.

Student employment is an important part of financial aid. More than 1,600 students work on campus, typically for 10–12 hours per week, in jobs as diverse as the dining hall, office support, grounds crew, custodial services, and many more. All students earn minimum wage or higher ($8.10 per hour) and receive biweekly electronic payment.

Student employment awards are not listed as financial aid on a student's invoice or monthly statement. Student employment awards are estimated for financial aid purposes only. Actual compensation to the student is based on their hours worked. To learn more about student employment and view or apply for current job openings, visit

Updated: 2016-07.05