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Prepayment Incentive Credit Plan (PIC Plan)

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As announced, credit balances are not allowed on student accounts as of December 1, 2017. Credit balances will be refunded 14 days after the start of the term. For more information on how this might affect you, please visit the FAQ

This account enables an accepted or currently enrolled student to earn interest on their student account when there is a credit balance of $500 or more by the first day of the month. The PIC Plan and the student account are one and the same. Interest is credited monthly. Anyone earning $10 or more in interest during the calendar year will be issued a 1099int form.

Pre-payments can be made once the student has been accepted. Interest rates may change on a quarterly basis. The current PIC interest rate is 1% annually. PIC interest will be paid on student account credit balances of $500–$35,000.