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Statements & Invoices

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The Cashier’s Office generates a student account statement that is available after the 10th of each month. Students who are pre-registered receive an email notification that their online invoices are available 3–4 weeks before the semester begins. Charges are based on their pre-registration class schedule.

Payments are due according to the online invoice. Students are notified by email when invoices are available to view online. Students can request this notice be sent to an additional email account through Cedarinfo, AR Billing Preferences. Paper invoices/statements can be requested for the year. The monthly service fee for paper invoices/statements is $3.


In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Cedarville University is committed to the rights of the students who are attending, or who have attended, Cedarville University. A student’s right to privacy regarding their financial information is an area covered by FERPA. However, a student may release financial information to another individual by completing the Financial Information Release Form. A student may also grant electronic access and discussion permission to financial information through CedarInfo. For more information go to our Parental Access page.