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Cedarville University
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314

Phone: See below.
Fax: 937-766-3201
Email Marketing

Note: Advertising requests, media buying, and sponsorship opportunities are managed by Cedarville University Public Relations. Please contact Mark Weinstein via email or at 937-766-8800.

Meet the Staff


Photo of Chad Jackson

Chad Jackson

Creative Director

  • Location TYL 212 B
  • phone-handset 937-766-7809
  • Email Email
Photo of Stephen Eldridge

Stephen Eldridge

Project Manager

  • Location TYL 212
  • phone-handset 937-766-7808
  • Email Email
Photo of Seth Gillespie

Seth Gillespie

Junior Graphic Designer

  • Location TYL 212
  • phone-handset 937-766-7826
  • Email Email
Photo of Scott Huck

Scott Huck

University Photographer

  • Location TYL 140
  • phone-handset 937-766-7806
  • Email Email
Photo of Craig Salisbury

Craig Salisbury

Senior Graphic Designer

  • Location TYL 212 B
  • phone-handset 937-766-7816
  • Email Email
Photo of Mark Tucker

Mark Tucker


  • Location TYL 210
  • phone-handset 937-766-3870
  • Email Email

Student Workers

Photo of Claire Abdul-Malak

Claire Abdul-Malak

Student Graphic Designer

Photo of Jacob Allinson

Jacob Allinson

Student Videographer

Photo of Catherine Clemons

Catherine Clemons

Student Office Assistant

Photo of Jennifer Gammie

Jennifer Gammie

Student Photographer Assistant

Photo of Micah Gerber

Micah Gerber

Student Videographer

Photo of Katelyn Hartsock

Katelyn Hartsock

Student Videographer

Photo of Ashley Llerena

Ashley Llerena

Student Graphic Designer

Photo of Zach Rubosky

Zach Rubosky

Student Marketing Assistant

Photo of Mica Shenk

Mica Shenk

Student Graphic Designer

Photo of Alex St. Onge

Alex St. Onge

Student Photographer

Photo of David Ward

David Ward

Student Photographer