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Print Partnership Procedures

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Print Quote Requests

Requests for Quote (RFQ) are e-mailed to print companies that fit the project profile and have established a relationship with the University. (See Establishing a Print Partnership for more information.) Awards are based on the seven-point criteria found under Criteria for a Print Partnership.

In respect for the investment made through the print quote process, the creative services department makes the following commitment to our vendors:

  • We will not release competitive pricing information until the print quote has been awarded.
  • We will not engage in price matching of any kind.
  • We will not award print quotes prior to a specified deadline. (The University reserves the right to notify companies when a deadline may have been moved up due to time constraints or other extenuating circumstances.)

Questions relating to print quotes may be e-mailed to marketing quotes account.


Please notify the project manager when bringing proofs on campus so that arrangements can be made in advance for the designer and copy editor to review and approve the proof. In most cases, our team will be available to provide an immediate response. If additional time is necessary, the printer will be notified ahead of time.


Delivery specifications for every order will be sent to the printer via e-mail. This is typically provided with the RFQ. The email will specify which building and office the delivery should be made to. Click here to access the University campus map.

Vendors must deliver product between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If the delivery includes more than one box, please mark every box with the order name. A signature is required upon delivery. Due to insurance purposes, our employees are unable to help unload vehicles. Please prepare the person(s) making the delivery to unload the product on their own. A lift is not available at every delivery location on campus.