A group of students participate in an Event in Cedarville's gym


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Who we are:

  • Event Services is part of the Campus Experience office and is your one-stop shop for all of your conference and event needs. We offer a wide range of event planning services to the University family and off-campus guests. Our events offer something for everyone—from third graders to high school students, from college students to Christian leaders. Each event seeks to provide opportunities for spiritual development, academic or professional enrichment, and exposure to the Christ-centered education available at Cedarville University. We are building relationships and providing valuable services both to the guests who attend our events and the University as a whole.

Why do I need an event coordinator and what does this person do?

  • Event Services strives to provide each and every client with the highest level of service. Through a single contact, your event coordinator, we will ensure that your conference or event is a success from start to finish.
  • Your event coordinator will work closely with you in arranging for all of the on-campus services or needs (registration database, custodial services, AV services, production services, maintenance, dining hall, parking and security details, and special equipment or facility requests).

Why do I need event approval?

  • Event Services coordinates a master University calendar of all academic, student, and off-campus guest conferences and events. We will make you aware of other conferences and events that are occurring at the same time while taking into consideration your target audience. We may suggest dates and locations that would work better for your event.

How much will it cost to use a classroom, chapel, auditorium, etc., at Cedarville?

How do I submit a work order, reserve a room, and order food?

  • Your event coordinator can submit and reserve all on-campus services.
  • Event Services has Pioneer Food Service menu items for banquets and breaks on file. Your event coordinator can give you those costs and place orders.
  • When you fill out the event/room request, you can indicate the rooms you would like to reserve for your event. Your event date and facilities will be confirmed at the same time.